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EcoHorse Bedding Wood Pellets are environment friendly. It's an all-natural product that's hygienically clean, with a pleasant wood scent, it makes caring for your horse easier, cleaner and saves time.

Wood Pellets For Sale

Local Customers Get Free Delivery When Order Vaulue £50.00 And Above.

Due To Huge Demand and a Nationwide shortage we will not be taking online orders at the moment

We have listened to your feedback and have changed the way we take orders for local deliveries zones 1, 2 & 3. We have wood pellets for sale single bag at the quantity you choose, local delivery is free as long as your wood pellet order is above £50.00. We regularly deliver wood pellets Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire. We have proven popular to the customer's who can't store the large volumes of which most suppliers insist you purchase by the pallet load and the smaller the load the higher the price.

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Free Local Delivery to Zones 1 and 3 We will even help stack the bags in your barn or store room.

We Manufacture Our Wood Pellets For Horse Bedding. Huge
Difference to Fuel Pellets !!! FULL PRODUCT LISTHERE

Wood Pellet Horse Bedding

Customers Are Shocked At How Much They Have Benefitted From Using Our Wood Pellet Bedding Compared To Other Leading Brands.


Hot Weather Tip

If your bed is drying out use a watering can or a mister to moisten the bed, why not add lemon grass oil, or tea tree oil to the water to help keep that nasty fly away and it smells lush.

Creating your online account enables you to place orders direct at anytime, keeps a complete history of orders placed that shows your costs of your bedding over a year so you will be able to see how much you can save using our bedding. Create your free account Here,

We are Excited To Be Launching EcoEnergy Bio Mass Fuel Range in September



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