About Us

EcoHorse Premium (A) Grade Wood Pellets 


We take pride in our manufacturing of environmentally friendly Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding


We are a family business that make and deliver to our local customers saving them time and money, Our Wood Pellets are made by us in the heart of rural Wiltshire where we are lucky and appreciate the woodlands that surround our countryside.

When purchasing our Wood Pellets Online you can take pride as we do in knowing we are using surplus softwoods from joinery and sawmills to manufacture our premium quality EcoHorse Bedding Pellets reducing the need to cut down trees. By purchasing direct from us you will helping deforestation. We are one of the few manufacturers of bespoke Bedding Wood Pellets for Horses in the UK. We supply 15kg bagged EcoHorse Bedding Wood Pellets in variouse quantaties, the only thing you will be cutting out is the middle man.


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