EcoHorse Bedding Wood Pellets. 

Due To Huge Demand and a Nationwide shortage we will not be taking online orders at the moment

We Manufacture Our Premium A Grade Wood Pellets Bespoke For Horse Bedding, We Only Use Virgin Material From Sawmill's For Manufacturing of EcoHorse Wood Pellet Bedding. 

Our Horse Bedding Wood Pellets Are Not The Same As Fuel Pellets They Are Super Absorbent, Fast To Fluff.

Customers Are Amazed At How Different Our Wood Pellets Are Compared To Others On The Market. We Manufacture Our Wood Pellet Bedding Using Techniques That We Have Advanced For Horse Bedding Pellets We Don't Use Additives Or Binders Unlike Most Fuel Pellets. 

Our Customers Comment That Our EcoHorse Bedding Wood Pellets Are Lasting Longer Than Other Brands As They Are Often Not Using As Much And Its Keeping The Stalls Fresher And Easier To Keep Clean Saving Them Time And Money. Please See Our Testimonials Page Of Comments Made.

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