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EcoEnergy  manufacture Wood Pellets for advetising and marketing you may see on our website EcoEnergy Wood Pellets, EcoHorse Wood Pellet Bedding and other validations these extensions to "EcoEnergy" are for the purpose of advetising and ranking on search engines to enable us to get better visibility. EcoEnergy manufacturer bespoke horse bedding Wood Pellets.

Refund Policy

If you return or cancel your Order we will process your refund.
   a)    Within 14 days of the day we receive back from you any Goods supplied, or

   b)    If no Goods supplied, within 14 days from when you informed us about your decision to cancel.

It will be your responsibility to cover the costs of transport. We may make a deduction from the reimbursement for loss of value of any Goods supplied, if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling by you. We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment that you used for the initial transaction. 

Setting up a Stall Using our Wood Pellets

Setting Up

1. Clean out the stall down to the floor or if you have rubber matting please make sure this is clean the cleaner the better for a new start up bedding.

2. Place the contents of six to eight bags (15kg each) in the area your horse prefers to have bed. Lay bags flat and cut the top of bag leaving a 2 border for pellets to expand.

3. Next, lightly moisten the pellets with Warm or Hot water to initiate their opening to a "fluffy" consistency. The water serves to start the pellets to open. The amount of water used will depend on the humidity of your area and may vary at different times of the year. Please dont over water, its better to add smaller amounts until you get used to our pellets the best results is when you have a good mix of fully fluffed pellets with some not quite fluffed as they will carry on absorbing the urine that your horse will deposit onto the bedding.

4. For deeper bedding, you may choose to add one or two more bags for deeper beds moisten pellets using slightly less Hot water as you used before. Deeper bedding is not always advantageous, and therefore some experimentation will be required by you to optimize our product to your preference. Because they are highly absorbent, its OK to be stingy with wood pellets.

5. Within 5 to 10 minutes of adding the Hot water, the bedding will expand and fluff the Hotter the water used the faster this will happen, We recommend using Hot water as this will give the fibers a much softer texture and be quite dense, it also activates them faster so you don't add so much water and the less water added at the start will leave more absorption for the urine. They will continue to fluff. Temperature will play a part in how long pellets take to fluff the colder it is the longer they will take as long as all the water has been absorbed they will carry on expanding once mixed into your existing bedding


Approximately once a week, up to 1 or 2 bags of new pellets will need to be added to compensate for the amount of manure and saturated bedding taken out of the stall. Only use minimal water to get pellets starting to fluff when topping up your bed its important to remember using less water is better in the long term so just use enough to get pellets moist.

Please dont let your bedding tottaly dry out, it will always perform best when very slightly moist. And will then always stay dust free.

Many horse owners who use pellets strip the stalls once every three to four months, instead of weekly, thereby saving a considerable amount of waste volume and significantly reducing the cost of bedding and labour if you keep your bed rotating and well aired it is possible to run the bed for 6 to 8 months bearing in mind each horse has different habits.

Because the solid manure separates so easily from the fine wood fibers, very little of the bedding is actually removed from the stall. The urine saturated areas should be removed entirely, leaving only moist bedding (Please Do not scatter the saturated bedding, as some brands suggest, as this will lead to ammonia odours and necessitate mucking out the entire stall before the material has been fully utilized).

How We Make Our Wood Pellets

Our process for manufacturing wood pellets for fuel involves placing clean wooden biomass normally between 1-5mm under high pressure through small round holes called a die. EcoEnergy use ring die machines. The manufacturing process must have the correct conditions for the natural lignin in the wood to be released and bind the wood pellets together, we dont use any glues or binding agents in our production or products, when the biomass fuses together, forming a solid mass. This process is called extrusion. EcoEnergys manufacturing process forms high-quality wood pellets, while other types of biomass may need additives to serve as a binder that have to hold the pellets together. Creating wood pellets is a small part in the overall process of manufacturing wood  pellets. Here are a few of the others. Grinding, moisture control, extrusion, cooling, and packaging

Wood Material Feed-stock
We only use clean by-product wood from other wood processing operations. Joinery  workshops  and Sawmills. As we dont fell trees for purpose manufacturing of our bedding we cant guarantee consistency of color, They produce large quantities of clean dry sawdust and small off cuts of clean wood in their day to day production process. We are proud to be stopping it going into landfill.

Feedstock Grinding
All our by-product wood is put through our quality control process and graded, once we are 100% happy with the quality it is the put through our hammer mill to make sure that all the particles are at the required size.

Moisture Control
The moisture level of the feedstock is vital for overall quality of the final wood pellets. Any material that doesn't meet the required moisture level will be put through our drying system prior to extrusion.

A highly pressured roller is rotated at very high speeds around the inside of the heated metal plate called a die. The die has multiple 6mm precision holes drilled through it of which allows the biomass to be compacted under very high temperature and extreme pressure creating the carpet between the rollers and the die. This is the constantly under pressure and heat. When the conditions are correct the biomass particles pass through the die and will fuse into a solid mass this is where the natural Lignin in the wood acts as the binder turning into a wood pellets. The Blade slices the wood pellets to the required length as it passes out of the die. Sawdust is deemed one of the best feedstock for pelleting because the lignin that is naturally present in the wood this is what binds the wood pellets together under the correct conditions.

Wood Pellets as they leave the die are quite hot and need to harden. Therefore, they must be cooled before they are ready for packing. This is achieved by passing cool air through the wood pellets.

Once the wood pellets are cooled, they are packaged into bags or stored in bulk. wood pellets can be stored indefinitely but they must be kept dry to prevent deterioration.

Health and Safety
It has been documented that carbon monoxide can be detected in large sealed hopper / storage silo tanks or a sealed storage room, please use a carbon monoxide detection device and never enter large sealed storage areas of pellets without 1st venting the area and always have a second person as a gas safety buddy.
These are rare but serious situations health and safety needs to be advised and a safety code of practice will eliminate potential harm please call if you have any concerns.

Questions and Answers

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are pellets made from fine wood particles. They are cylindrical in shape, measure 6mm in diameter, and approx. 3.15mm 35mm in length.


What are pellets made from?
Our wood pellets are made from locally sourced timber.


Are there any additives used in the manufacturing process?

No additives of any kind are used in our manufacturing process. The natural lignin of the wood is what binds the pellets.


Where are our wood pellets made?

In our factory in Wiltshire.


How are our pellets delivered?

Bagged pellets are delivered on pallets using local courier companies.

Free local deliveries are done using our own van and driver. It's a transit type van 1.5 ton max load, so can get in and out of the smaller yards that 7.5 ton lorrys struggle with. 


How much space is needed to store pellets

1 tonne of pellets = 1.5m.

All stores must be kept dry.

Who is EcoEnery

Ecoenergy  manufacture Wood Pellets for advetising and marketing you may see on our website Ecoenergy Wood Pellets, EcoHorse Wood Pellet Bedding theses extensions to Ecoenergy are for the purpose of advetising and ranking on search engines to enable us to get better visibility. EcoEnergy manufacturer bespoke horse bedding.

Fuel Carbon Dioxide (Co2) emissions comparison

Co2 emissions have to be monitored and are easy to compare, they are measured in grams per kilowatt of heat that is produced (g/kwh). This is the standard formula that is used to compare different fuel types as below demonstrates.

The Burning of Wood Pellets is estimated that it produces (68g) Co2 per Kilowatt of heat produced (g/kwh)This is a huge reduction in comparison to other most used fuels such as Oil for heating (326g) and Gas for heating (260g)


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